how to measure your dog


Before you start...

Please measure carefully.  Always use a tape measure and if possible get someone to help you.  Your dog must be standing as straight as possible and remember the vital statistics can be quite different when measured while sitting or lying down.  Measurements in inches please.


Measure in inches


The C measurement

Measure the head or the neck, whichever is the largest.

Our coats are fixed at the front so the neck opening has to be large enough to go over the head.

Make a noose out of the tape measure at a size that comfortably goes over the head.

Slip it over the head as if it were a collar. It should sit around the top of the shoulder blades as shown in the picture on the right:

Take a note of the measurement in inches.  This is the C measurement.


  C Measurement C Measurement


The A measurement

Base of neck to base of tail.

From where the tape measure sat around the neck as above for the C measurement (where the tape touches the spine at the shoulder blades) to the base of the tail.

This is the A measurement and determines the price.

A measurement 


The B measurement

The largest part of the chest.

Measure around the chest at the deepest part (just behind the front legs) all the way around.

Again take a note of the measurement in inches.  This is the B measurement.

B measurement 


The D measurement

Centre of chest to rear of back leg.

Place the end of the tape measure at the centre of the chest (where the name tag normally hangs) and measure around the top of the front leg along the side of the body to the rear of the back leg.

Also see image at the top of this page.

This measurement must be longer than the A measurement.

Again take a note of the measurement in inches.  This is the D measurement.

D measurement