Mock Coat

What is a Mock?

To ensure a perfect fit we offer a trial sample (mock coat) for customers to try on their dog before making up the real coat. We do not charge for this. On receipt of your order we will make a mock according to your measurements and send it to you. If the mock does not fit your dog, this will give you the opportunity to let us know by marking any alterations on it. Then all you have to do is send the mock back to us along with your payment. If it turns out there are quite a few alterations to be made we will be happy to send more than one mock if required.

Once you have returned the mock (or if you have decided not to receive a mock) you are effectively agreeing to the measurements and fit therefore we cannot be held responsible for any coats that do not fit properly and any subsequent alterations requested may be charged.  This is why we encourage more than one mock if necessary to avoid alterations to the final coat. 

All mock coats remain the property of Gillrugs and we reserve the right to charge if you do not send it back to us unless we instruct you otherwise.