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Dogwheels - An excellent company that makes custom wheelchairs for dogs with CDRM and other leg problems. Like ourselves they offer a made to measure service, so what you buy is tailored perfectly for your dog to give them the utmost mobility.   

RAPID - Rescue And Preparedness In Disasters - RAPID is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the search and rescue of disaster victims. Its members volunteer their skills and time to save the lives of others and Gillrugs are proud to supply their search dogs with the coats they need to carry out their jobs. You can help RAPID-UK by making a donation today.

Sleipnir Boxers - A great site for Boxer lovers! This was the home of Roska who models the Flectalon coat on our homepage. Roska sadly has passed away but you can see more pictures of him and his friends and family at their website.

Personalized Dog toy boxes - Our wooden toy boxes for dogs offer a fun and stylish way to organize your pet's favorite items. These dog toy boxes are a great gift idea for any pet lover.