What is Flectalon?


Flectalon is a very special material. It combines the traditional insulation of trapped air with the multiple reflective surfaces of mirror like fibres. Together, these form an effective breathable heat barrier, reflecting heat back to the wearer and cold away from it.

The Flectalon we use is made to Gillrugs own specification. The outer cover is extra tough shower proof nylon, and the lining is a smart burgundy poly/cotton mixture. Between these two layers are the reflective fibres encased in the thermal wadding.

When a traditional coat becomes wet, fibres absorb water and any insulating property is lost. By contrast, Flectalon fibres reflect back 95% of escaping heat. Due to this unique quality, a Flectalon coat can be put directly on a wet shivering animal. Your dog will start to feel warm within seconds, and the wearer remains warm even as the coat dries out since the material is BREATHABLE.
  • Ideal for elderly, arthritic or sick dogs.
  • Excellent to put onto cold, wet and tired dogs after work or play.
  • Cosy for the dog which feels the cold or is kennelled.
  • Machine washable (40 degree wash as for wool).
  • Very hard wearing.